Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spanky's Place at Timeless's doins

Went to Timeless today and did a little rearranging and took a country kitchen display shelf that I finished painting the other day.
I love to browse the place and I kind of feel like I am always at home walking around in there considering that I had my first full-time job there way back in the day when it was Brock's department store.
I remember coffee breaks up on the mezzanine...and I was what they called a "BUCS clerk" which had to do with tagging and tracking merchandise and the computer upstairs filled up almost an entire room.
Later on they made me an assistant MGR in the Junior Dept at the Valley Plaza location and then I resigned when I was hired on to work at the Post Office...
but every time I walk in that door it takes me back to the past long ago...
and how fitting that it is now a vintage/antiques destination....LOL!

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