Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finished A couple of recycled furniture pieces today

I often forget to take the before pics of pieces I have been re-doing lately.
Here's an old end table that I started on yesterday and suddenly remembered to get the "before" pic

It was actually in a little better shape than this when we found it a couple months ago...but was one of the pieces that got hit in the heavy rains we had awhile back... I felt kind of sorry for how drab this old thing was looking... and decided to get a bit funky with some color...
I think if furniture could talk this one might tell me it is happier today than it was yesterday :)

I finished up this 4 drawer chest today. Spotted it at a thrift store awhile back and some of the drawers were wonky...and the finish was really banged up---- I really loved the curved front
I put on a couple of coats of white wash chalk paint and then waxed it with some ebony stain added to the wax. Brownie my constant side kick weiner-meister boy...ended up with a little streak of white wash paint on his side as well.
hubby made some new drawer runners and got it functioning
when I was decoupaging the drawers he kept giving me that "look" and I could tell he wasn't quite seeing what I was seeing. 
But when he got home from work yesterday after I had done the sanding and all---he said that it looked way different than he thought it was going to look the night before. :D
I really like how this piece turned out.

I finished a couple more pieces but will post some pics later.
Hope ya'll had a happy hump day!

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