Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Any One Can Be A Fool

This is my latest listing on Etsy.

When any one can be a fool

and any fool can be a bore

please don't think I'm being cruel

for yawning yawning ever-more

Bring on

the Red Bull


foolish fool

Bring it on

Like Donkey Kong

I beg you !

Bring it on

Save me from

the drowning pool

Save me from

another yawn !

SpankyLuvs had a dream 2011


Okay..I had this broken polished stone vintage pendant. I bonded it back together and placed an original image from a vintage book and diamond glaze. Then I gave her a rhinestone necklace and a flashy little star for her hair.

On the back of the pendant I placed ephemera from a vintage book that says "Any one can be a fool."

The pendant is 3" tall. I placed it on a recycled 24" vintage chain.

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