Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rollin In My Rio

Okay...So I'm rolling down the freeway in my Rio the other day..and I happen to look in the rear-view mirror and see this big monster looking truck right on my bumper.
First of's not very often that I actually notice much in my rear-view mirror unless I'm backing up.  When I'm in my car I'm kind of like a horse with blinders...I have my "zone" ahead of me and look at the peripherals I need to see..and I concentrate on what's ahead of me not what's behind me.
Secondly I am from Bakersfield Ca (BuckOwensVille to some) and we have a lot of these big trucks in my town that seem to come equipped with guys who have the "I'm bigger than you so get out of my way" mentality
But when they find me in front of them....momma don't play that game if I'm in my car by myself.!
Yes.... I admit it------
I gave the guy a "brake-check" to keep him in check. I mean there are 3 other lanes out there...if you want to pass me then get in the other lane..I'm not getting out of your way or speeding up to play your game.
I drove like a maniac for about the first 5-6 years that I had a liscense...but I finally figured out that if you leave early enough you will always get there on time.. and  you can relax.. and also enjoy the scenery . :)

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