Friday, February 4, 2011

Was Ross Perot Our Modern Day Nostradamus?

I live in a city surrounded by several agricultural communities. I recently read a report stating that more than 60,000 people who actively sought employment were out of work during December in my County and the unemployment statistics were as follows---


The county's jobless rate jumped to 16.2 percent in December. The figure was 12.3 percent in California and 9.1 percent nationwide. Here's a look at how Kern's cities fared last month:

Arvin, 39.6 percent

Bakersfield, 11.5 percent

California City, 12.9 percent

Delano, 38.3 percent

McFarland, 32.1 percent

Shafter, 27.9 percent

Taft, 15.9 percent

Wasco, 28.9 percent

Source: California Economic Development Department

I suddenly found myself thinking about Ross Perot and the 1992 debate

To me it almost seems as if he was our modern day Nostradamus. No he wasn't psycho,and he wasn't psychic ...he just knew what was going to happen long before it did. His common sense as a businessman and as an American Patriot is why he will always be my hero.

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