Friday, March 11, 2011

Dildos On Etsy--things that make you go WOW?!!!

Okay if someone wants to buy a dildo --
they can find it anywhere on the web....
I am really sad that Etsy recently chose to
censor other sellers and removed their listings
while still allowing DILDO's
to be sold on their site---

You can easily find these on Etsy-----
they allow this type of stuff to be sold there
but ban "glass-pipe" artists???

I don't have a glass-pipe and never had
but then again---
I've never bought a DILDO on Etsy either
However--the re-sellers and many items they allow to remain there
are in my opinion
WAAAAAY worse than the "glass artists" that they recently pulled the  rug out from under!

1 comment:

  1. has recently made all users’ real names and purchase history available on the web. They can be searched from google (I checked). They are also refusing to contact buyers to alert them to this change. They do allow names to be changed, but only with a two day waiting period. There is a thread on their forum about it here where they have refused to respond to serious concerns for customer privacy. Since Etsy is refusing to notify its’ members, please help me get the word out to them. Thank you.

    Post Script:
    Users are asked for their first and last name at registration, and told that they can include it on their profile if they choose. As of March 1st, however, all register members real names have been publicly posted on the site, connected to their buying history. Etsy has not notified shoppers that this has been done yet. If you know an Etsy shopper, please contact them and tell them about this exposure.