Monday, March 14, 2011

Sparkklejar ...Shabby Chic ...Unique

I want to share a beautiful seller with awesome items that I found on Etsy
She is so funny and talented! :)

Here are just a few of her lovely items!

She has made me laugh and smile sooo many times and I just want to give her  a big HOLLAH here :) HOLLAH!


  1. Thank you so much, its an honor :)

  2. I like her too. Hopefully she will have sales now and be able to afford pants.

  3. what are these pants you speak of?

  4. Sparkkies:)
    I found mee-self some new pants today
    They look like
    "Depends lined with lots of tin-foil"
    I put them in my "Fall-Out Shelter" cuz I may need to sport these some day :)
    I myself
    dare not speak of "affordable" pants here
    that I could buy from my many sales
    I would be the "Empor-ess who had no panties"