Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Dog Ate my Dad-Gum BeBe's

A couple of years ago I started needing bi-focals , so when I have my contacts in I still need reading glasses for the small stuff , and now it seems like I end up just wearing my glasses most of the time.

Night before last I must have knocked a pair of my glasses off of the night stand because when I woke up yesterday morning I couldn't find them. I asked my hubby to look for them while I was getting ready for work and he could not find them any where.

Suddenly I thought about Bill Dance and how much he likes to chew on plastic and I told Hubby to look in the closet. Sure enough one of my dad-gum dogs had demolished one of my pairs of glasses. I am not positive that Bill did it but I think he is the culprit. :)
Bill Dance Jr. is my big black fatty daddy in the front...Brownie boy is sniffin' the flowers in the pot and Molly Dollys' spotted rear is off to the top left :)

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