Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rag Crochet Is Here To Stay :=)

How many of you out there can remember your first rag rug project?  I think I was about 8 or 9 when my Grandma "Mam-maw" taught me to "rag crochet".  My first rug was actually a rug for my doll house...not a huge project LOL!  Then it evolved into a collar for my dog...pot holders....chain necklaces...rag button bracelets....and I still have a belt stored away somewhere that I made out of torn jean strips when I was about 11 or 12.  I was really proud of that "hand made" belt and wore it a lot....when I find it amongst my stash....I can probably wear it once again as a "wrap bracelet"...alas!  (My 12 year old waist size abandoned me long ago  hee-hee.)
So I have been "pinning" several pieces of rag crochet jewelry lately.  I just have always really liked the idea that you can take old scraps and make them into unique pieces that go so well in both "dress-up" and "dress-down" occasions.
The pieces are so gosh darn easy to make and I think the real fun is choosing how to embellish them.  If you know how to do a simple chain can make these.  There are so many tutorials on the web about rag can easily click on those if you need any type of refresher course :=).
Many people that I know "tie" their scrap fabrics together....but I wanted to show those of you who have never tried this to easily join your scraps and also prevent a lot of lumpy bumps in your project.
First of all tear or rip or cut your fabric into your desired width that you want to use....
 next...lay one strip on top of the other and cut a little notch in the two pieces...
then lay them side by side with one notch on top of the other.....
 next bring the end of the fabric from the strip that you have on top underneath and pull it through the bottom of the notched pieces...
 when you pull it through and tug it tight you will have joined the fabrics in a tight little knot that won't come undone :=)..
 front and back images ^^^
Easy Peasy.
Okay so now I am going to include a few pics of a crochet rag bracelet I made quite awhile ago to wear to a wedding.....I used  vintage napkin fabric, vintage charms,vintage chain,vintage buttons,vintage beads, and a mix of new beads to create this romantic heart inspired piece.  My arthritis often prevents me from doing repetitive sewing crochet etc....but on decent days I can still manage to crank out a few pieces like these.  And now with the steroid treatments my hands are doing a lot better.  We never realize how lucky we are to be able to perform simple tasks until there comes a time when even those become difficult :)  I hope this will inspire you to make a few rag crochet pieces when you find the time....especially if you haven't done so in awhile. :=)

 Grab that hook and have fun ..the possibilities are endless :=)

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