Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It Never Gets Easy......

I have heard some say something to the effect that as time goes by it always gets easier....
I would question this as easier to forget?
Or easier to simply stop remembering??
And speaking for myself.....it so far has not gotten easier....
sometimes other things pop up 
but in my case.....
I miss my Momma as much or 
even more today
than the day I lost her
and she used to tell me
"Promise me you will never forget about me"
and I can't and I won't
and anyone out there who has ever lost 
anyone in their life
that they loved with all of their heart
knows what I know...
that it never gets easier....
but remembering them and the 
things that they loved and
trying to honor their memory
to me.....is the one thing that
does make it at the time seem a bit easier :=)
here is a pic of one of the last
pics that my Mom mailed me...
when she was out of town
from one of her and dad's trips
to Trinidad Cali....
and of him and her doggies
and her inscription on back.....
and remembering how much she
loved being there
makes me smile today :=)

Rip Linda Darlene....you were always so so pretty..thank you Momma :)


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