Monday, February 25, 2013

Seriously Suddenly Seeking Tamara Again and Again LOLzzz

1. Narcissism: they make any and everything about them, and only come around when they need something and/or to feel better about themselves.
I can see U Bleed~ Spanky Luvs Had A Dream 2013~~~~~~
I can see you bleed
and it is purple
congealed not real
and I once would have
felt sorry that your blood
seeps and seeps
(and weeps)
but not now
 for you
( the phoney one)
you bleed and bleed
he found out what was
a long time ago
the REAL you
and then he knew
he knew
it was all purple
it wasn't real
(what he
once thought
was you....)
he found it out and then
he was through.
And seriously I really
think you focused
waaay tooo much on the
Tamara one
instead of yourself
but once he really knew the real
you...he was gone
and he can look at you
and say he loves you more
than anything
and he can look at you and
say he is happier than he
has ever been
but all you have to do is
to look in his eyes
and you know....
you know you know you know...
you are now not enough
and you never again will be.
You know that
deep down
in whatever plastic heart
you have....
you know that-----
but he failed once at
being a dad and he isn't
gonna do it again...
he will stay
but he is never really
here with you
because he knows the real you
and he is through
you lost him a long
time ago
(just because you are you)
nothing else....
just because he found out
the REAL you
and wham bam away he ran
and he knew
(yes he knew)
and now he is always
on his phone
at the bar
on the highway
on the look----
searching for that next
quick fix...
the one who will make
him feel like the
big POPPA panty
droppa that he knows he is.
You didn't treat him right...
you were cold
and now you are old
so much older than all of those
other fine
young thangs
he finds...
they make him feel
like what he once
thought you made him
but once he found you out
he was gone.....
he might be here
and you will say he
"Has issues"
....get real....
the issue is
he can not feel real with you
and that is why he is
always on the fly
and you can't look him in the
without knowing
he is not happy
he does not want to be with you.
But you have kids
and he will not fail again
at that.
And the recent one
he had to fire
she looked at him with
such desire
she told him
"Let's just run away"
but he couldn't go....
he couldn't go and just
let someone truly love
him for what he is
and always was...
so he cut her loose
and started searching
for the next young thing
who could ring a ding
his bell.
And it's not you
purple cold heart
it is not you...
see you bleed
and it is not real
and he knows it.
Would you like a tissue?
Cuz you are his issue...
but guess what?
He doesn't seem to care
Just watch him stare....
you are not in that moment
you lost that with him
and you will never
never never ever
get that back
with him.
 I know him better
than you ever will
you can't bleed red
(and he knows
how it feels)
to be with you
and to not really
feel anything
You taught him that

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