Sunday, February 10, 2013


So when I was talking to one of my on-line friends tonight....she mentioned a bit about some of her "pork chop" posts....that made me giggle harshly ( in my this week almost no voice raspy/slash/delerious)  note LOL..anywhoo---
I thought of an image I had scanned of an old child book nursery rhyme that I somehow managed to whack and jack as I often do...hee-hee...but this is my ode to Porkchops tonight......and my thoughts and prayers are with a lovely gal who has given me many smiles and laughs in the past few years---I feel a real connection because she is one who is in your face but the real deal when it really gets down to know who you are girl----the real deal----no pork puffers here hee-hee-----and who could ask for more??????????....
this is a poetic pork shout out LOL! cuz we have all felt this about certain peeps or porks in our life at one time or another hee-heeeeee :=)

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