Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today's Projects no rain...bring on the paint!

We were supposed to have a huge rain storm today..... but instead just a little overcast so far.  Was really glad to be able to complete a few projects on my day off. And hey...there's still some more day light....who knows what else I'll be able to finish :=)

This vintage Taiwan picture/plate holder was nicked up and pretty drab.  I added a bit of chalk paint to spruce it up.

I spray painted this old wicker coffee table..... thought it still had a bit of life left in it.

Here's a wine bottle holder that has seen better days.... and now will hopefully see a few more

I've had this vintage Military picture for quite awhile.... I ended up painting an old frame camo green and adding a broken action figure that my son once played with and also a toy helicopter to the side....kind of a hollah to the Military !

Here's a hanging oak oval mirror that had a small chip at the bottom of the mirror surface so I added some paint and then some rhinestone bling to cover up the blemish.

Hope ya'll have had a great day..... heading back out into the semi-sunshine!
But just wanted to add that it seems like some out there do not realize that many many online sellers do actually make create upcycle recycle and sell their items locally. And never find a need to brag about it (the amount or lack of amount of sales) that is..LOL! #recycle #upcycle #chalkpaint #let'sgetcrafty

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