Thursday, March 17, 2011

Many Glass Pipe Sellers Still On Etsy??? But others banned...:(

Okay so I recently posted about glass pipe artists being banned from Etsy and wondering why? ( when so many other items are still allowed there.....)
Yes--- here indeed are only a few  items I found on the Etsy site TODAY  as a buyer and searched with this link...

They say the reason for ban is it could be used illegally....
But yet here is just a sampling of the many items I found today in this category still being allowed on Etsy???----

I only ask...

why were other sellers banned when Etsy is still "allowing" the same type of "pipes" and pamphernalia for sale on the site?
And exactly who is passing judgement on all of this now?
Today for sale on Etsy-------

Things that really make you go "WOW" ???!!!!


  1. Now I begin to wonder why some of the glass pipes are still on etsy even though they banned glass pipe artist. I wonder what is their real motives about this matter.

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