Sunday, April 17, 2011

ALL SALES FINAL---No Remorse Or Refunds Now ---My new Policy

All sales Final..NO refunds...

Unless the item has been damaged in shipping

(I have recently changed this policy and this is why...)

I consider myself a responsible buyer and seller

If I take the time to photograph, describe, and list an item...

I also expect buyers to show the same type of consideration :) And if they have any doubts or questions?....I expect buyers to ask those questions BEFORE they buy. :)

I can not anticipate whatever expectations that certain buyers may have..but I CAN expect buyers to LOOK and ASK if they have any doubts or questions at all...BEFORE you make the purchase here :)

Dang..I almost feel bad about changing the policy but the times they are a changin' and I feel it isn't about the customer is always right is about doing what is right..and that is why I have a no refund policy now....
"STOP LOOK ASK and QUESTION before you click the BUY"----
and if you do that as a responsible buyer---
there should be no reasons for a refund to be offered :)

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