Thursday, April 14, 2011

PernillasSS On Etsy OMG !!! The Best Spring Surprise Anyone Could Hope for

My Sweet friend Pennie @

Has some of the most fabulous TREATS  items THAT I have found yet on Etsy!  She really is one of the genuinely nicest people I have connected with on the site to this day :)

Some certain people in the BNRs on Etsy have treated her badly...and have taken advantage of her genuine kindess (and her expectations that if you treat someone right you will receive that same sort of treatment in return) but sadly on Etsy there are some you will encounter with other motives including self promotion that involves sellers selling in the same category to be attacked.

I AM sooo Sorry this happened to you on the Etsy site Pennie!!!
because I think that ..anyone who has come into contact with this most lovely individual will be touched by her true heart and absolutely fantastic fabulous items! 

I Luv this  BEAUTIFUL LADY!!!!!!  And I think you should check out her shop!!!

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