Friday, April 29, 2011

PortableGraffitiGraphics Check Out Judy's Great Shop On Zibbet!

Judy @

has a fantastic Zibbet shop and I think her prices are very reasonable! You should check out her Zibbet shop when you get a chance!  Here are just a few of her items...

Judy says this about her shop.....

"100% satisfaction guaranteed by Portable Graffiti Graphics. I would love to work with you on all your logo design and graphics needs.
All Shop Banners are One-of-a-Kind. Never resold"

I like the part about one-of-a-kind and never resold don't you?


  1. Oh my gosh. How cool and very nice of you to feature me on your blog. Thank you so much. I will put this on my Facebook page right now.

  2. You are bang on in your assessment of this wonderfully talented woman who has helped so many of us find our way around in our new Zibbet home. The welcome mat is always out at the Graffiti shop doors. I too have experienced how amazing Judy is to work with. Thanks for acknowledging this very deserving handmade market merchant.
    Faye of WoodcotDesigns and the BaubleBin on Zibbet

  3. Judy's work and work ethic cannot be surpassed!

  4. I love my round tags from Graffiti! Use them on every item I ship and at craft shows as price tags, too! Great feature!!!

  5. My Favorite thing about Zibbet---all the nice helping people on the site (from the Ceo on down)---what a great circle of people to be involved with! I am so glad to have found you all on this wonderful Venue! Judy @ Graffiti is indeed a prime example of the awesome shops and people on Zibbet :)