Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Great Score On Zibbet Thanks SueStitches :)

Have you ever purchased a present for someone and then found yourself thinking "Gee..maybe I should keep this and give them something else"? recent purchase from Sue@
certainly had me thinking those thoughts hee-hee, but I know my girlfriend is going to love this hat so I will give the gift as I originally intended. I absolutely love the color! If you haven't checked out Sue's shop you certainly should asap...she has great gift items...she does wonderful work and has some fantastic prices! Zibbet is a great place to do some of your Christmas shopping....what are you waiting for? :)...Here's a pic of the hat-----
Thanks again Sue!



  1. love that flower, and yes, I can understand wanting to keep gifts you get for someone else. happens to me a lot actually...

  2. Happens to me too...I have several things intended for others that are tempting. That hat looks terrific.

  3. Go back and read my comment on your fart post...I think you'll appreciate it!♥

  4. Thanks Barb! The color of that hat and seeing it in person is just something that really made me think twice about giving it away as a gift cuz I don't have any hats in that lovely hue LOL! I want to thank you here for being such a wonderful person who has entered my life VIA the Zibbet connection....thanks for the comments...and thanks for being a creator of so many many items that I really luv and feel a big connection to! Also can you message me a "link" to the extinguisher as it may come in handy one day LOL!

  5. thanks so much Rhonda I really appreciate this! I'm so glad you like the hat and hope your friend likes it just as much! :)