Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Few Thoughts About Blogging

So I have never really considered myself delusional (at least not yet) hee-hee...and if I check my daily "stats" on my blog...most days there are less than 100 views. Sometimes there have been a few exceptions though especially on a few of the "controversial" subjects.  But I know for certain that my job here is not to enlighten or to educate anyone. The fact that my post 
(that yes is indeed a simple discussion about "farts" and yet it "outweighs" all of my over-all views by the thousands)....okay... that really tells me that I won't be in line for any Nobel Peace Prizes anytime soon LOL!
But why do we blog? For me it is a space to ramble,to tell what is on my mind,to share, and to joke and connect with other bloggers out there.  And I must say there are some pretty amazing bloggers out there...(I'm just not one of them hee-hee)
But every now and then when someone messages me and says "Hey thanks for sharing" or "Hey thanks for not being afraid to post that" or me this is better than the biggest Christmas Bonus that I have ever received.... and I guess is why I am still here taking up blank space that needs to be filled with new posts :)
I am just really glad that the blog world exists...because you really can tell the rest of the story and most importantly..your story.....thank you blog world----thank you for being here <3----
So my 6 yr. old nephew tells me the other day
"Why did the spider crawl across the computer screen?" ...."I don't know WHY?"... "To get to his web-site"....hee-hee...hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

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