Monday, November 7, 2011

Kevs' Room is Now My Craft Room In Sight Not Out Of Mind

It's still kinda weird to me that I still call my "craft room"
"Kev's Room"..he has been gone from there for awhile and even his closet and bathroom are filled with all things of mine..but my mind still sees it as "his room" and I guess my things are just sharing the space formerly known as "his" LOL!---(my craft room used to be the kitchen table and the fact that I have a whole room to myself now is still a bit hard for me to get used to hee-hee.....)
I have a bunch of old stuff and a bunch of new stuff and really "too much stuff" but don't even think about calling me a "Hoarder" yet cuz I simply can't handle an "intervention" at this point in my life LOL!!!------(plus---we still have ample paths to walk thru and navigate in our venture in my little home :)---I guess I joke too much about being a hoarder instead of a collector these days but it makes me laugh and that is all that matters to me :)
Anyways- I AM GONNA  share some pics of the room---heavy sigh......My "work space" works for me is all I can say.
I have  favorite "displays" of things I want to someday include in my projects
I think my "displays" on my shelves are ones that I keep in my face LOL---- (not out of site and out of mind)
Then I try to keep my things categorized and organized so that I can find what I am looking for when I need to find it---
yes the walls in my craft room  have baggies stuck to them all over the place---hee-hee....
I still think there is indeed a method to my madness...I just haven't quite figured it out yet LOL!!!
Anyways alright already....I'm sharing some of my space here and here it goes-------My Haven AKA Kevs' Room :)......

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