Monday, June 4, 2012

Gee.....I Can Sort Of See How Some Riots Get Started :)

So my little "tale" for the day requires a bit of background information before I begin my main ramble :)
My hubby has this little "game" he plays with our dogs.  Whenever he comes home they all gather by the door and they all start yapping and yelping and bouncing off the walls and hubby gets them all wired up by hollering out "Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Children and Dogs of all ages.....get ready to start your engines for the greatest race in history!!!!"   So then he finally opens the screen door after saying "Ready Set Go!"....and the dogs run out and do a couple of "laps" around this concrete flower deal that we made on one side of the yard. Then they settle down and start sniffing and exploring and hiking their legs all over the place.  
So a few days ago hubby comes home and I'm back in my craft room (where else? LOL)  We commence with the Hi hunny how was your day yada-yada stuff .....and then he goes and starts the "dog game".  I hear a lot of yapping and barking which of course is natural and and all of a sudden I hear my husband screaming "Rhonda  Help Me! Get out here now!!!"
I go to the door and see hubby poking the end of a rake into some of the bushes and the dogs are just going dog balls nutzzzz..... I ask him what's going on and he tells me that Bill Dance Jr. has jumped the fence and has a cat cornered in the bushes.  I ask him how in the hell did Bill get over the fence???... He says he got a run at it and jumped.   And I am still thinking "impossible"...because Bill weighed over 35 lbs. the last time he was at the vet..... Yes----there is a reason I call him "Big Daddy" :)
So my hubby is screaming not "Who let the dogs out?" but instead---"Get the dogs in the house!!!!! I think the cat is hurting Bill!!!!!"  At this point I notice that one of the dogs is indeed screaming like a stuck pig and the rest of the pack are running around like a bunch of wild banshees.  And it makes me think about this documentary I saw once about how riots get started at sports venues and the theory is that pheromones play a big part in it.  Well believe you me....the dog pheromones were oooozing all over the place at this moment :) 
So I realize it is not Bill but instead it is Nugget who is screaming and yelping at the top of his little lungs.  Nugget is our dog whom I have talked about having the disc dysplasia operation and I really think that the operation did a thing or two to his brain.....(although he was never the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with).  And I see that the reason he is screaming is because he has gotten his head stuck in the fence trying to get in to where Bill is at....he can't go forward because he is too big and he can't back out because he keeps turning his head sideways.   (And it reminded me of a long long time ago when my dad was a Little League baseball coach and this kid out in right field started screaming and crying and they had to call a time out to see what in the heck was wrong with him.   Well..the problem was that his hand was "stuck" in his pocket......he had it balled up in a fist and forgot that he needed to open up his hand in order to slide it back out of his pocket.)
So I get the other dogs in the house.....and at this point I was telling hubby to relax because he was yelling louder than the dogs and creating even more dog drama LOL!   In the meantime thank goodness..the  cat got away and we got Nugget "un stuck"  and Bill out of the bush and back over into the side of the yard that he is supposed to be in.
We originally put up the lattice part of fencing a few years ago because the dadgum dogs kept digging up my new seeds and plantlings....but now it has become a "survival of the fittest" situation in that part of the yard because I over planted the area a bit. hee-hee.
So the next day when I let the dogs out..sure enough old Bill Dance still thinks he is trying out for some sort of weiner dog triathalon sports event or something because he made another attempt to clear the fence but this time he belly flopped and I told him "Be careful Big Daddy you're gonna bust a nut....ooops I forgot you don't have them any more."  But sometimes I swear I think these dogs understand what I am saying to them!
So here's a few pics I took today out in the yard......
here is the "circle track area" where the dog races happen every day
Here is Big Daddy Bill and the lattice fence he somehow managed to jump over....

Here is the back part of this fenced area where Nugget got stuck.....
Here is Nugget in the foreground....Brownie boy whom I call "The Instigator" is in the background
And here are a couple more pics of stuff growing and can you see the "snail invasion"?  I don't like putting out snail pellets because of the animals so hubby collects snails every eve and tosses them out in the street...I'm sure the neighbors love this LOL!

Hope ya'll have a great week!

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