Thursday, June 28, 2012

Someone ELSE can not see the stripes ? BUT Why do I ALWAYS see the stars and the Stripes???

Okay....I hope someone will chime in here and tell me.....did I really "fail" by posting this "stars and stripes" item on the Zibbet Picks stripes board?  (And I myself love all of the items that Karen from her shop in this link and all of the shops she has had since I first met her has to offer..this gal has some awesome items...(and my first reaction to this comment was that it pi$$ed me off that someone else was calling out an item that I had supposedly "failed" at pinning because Karen called it "stripes" in the description) and I supposedly wasn't discerning  enough in my quest for the striped thangs....Someone there called me a "fail" for doing so and I just wanted to share the conversation....not sure why this drama was created over this absolutely in my opinion FAB item on Zibbet.....but this was the crabfestnest that I somehow got into tonight for simply volunteering my time doing what I know is a good thing LOL...and please...can anyone chime in I the only one who sees stripes here??
Also...should I just shut my mouth and ignore people in a situation like this?   I really would appreciate any opinions on this matter....Zibbet has such a positive vibe and I hate to bring any negativity to that! ....I guess what gets me is that by doing something that I thought was good ....for some reason someone thought it was "bad"? And acts like I am on some huge payroll and should only pin things that agree with their all knowing perception of art crafts and creations???

Set of 3 Handkerchief Squares In Eco Friendly Denim Stars and Stripes #ThreeFrenchHens
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Profile picture of Ketutar J. Ketutar J. I'm sorry, but... I can't see any stripes. I love stripes. But I want my stripes to be stripes. Have a little more discernment, please. This is supposed to be a showcase for striped items at Zibbet, not items labeled with "stripe".
Profile picture of spankyluvsvintage spankyluvsvintage @Ketutar J.uhm...I'm sorry as well that you do not see any stripes..but I guess people indeed see things differently? When I look at this I see stripes going horizontally and I also stripes going a lot of people would look at this and just see checks.....maybe? But I myself look at it and think I see what the artist may have seen when creating this print...a series of many stripes that later some might only see as checks..but in fact they were merely stripes when they were first placed upon the canvas...and that is simply how I see it....and not how it was labeled....sorry if you do not see it that way...but we all look at the world with different eyes....but I see stars and stripes here...LOL!
Profile picture of Ketutar J. Ketutar J. I see. So - by that logic I could be pinning a picture of a dog on a board of cats, because I see cats as four legged, mammals, furry and pets, and dogs are that too, so basically dogs are cats, except that some people might find the definition a bit too wide, but they are just being... what? Narrow-minded? And I could be pinning green items with one orange dot in "Orange" board, because - hey, there IS orange in the item! In my mind you have an agreement with Zibbet and your audience to pin truly striped items, and not anything that MIGHT with good imagination and very free interpretation to be considered as "striped", and you fail. I find it peculiar that you seem to find that amusing. - I love stripes. I hate squares, checkered and plaid. I am aware that you get the latter by having stripes "horizontally and vertically" in the same space, but that makes the whole difference. Star is not a triangle, even though it consist of triangles.
Profile picture of spankyluvsvintage spankyluvsvintage As I said we all see things differently and if you think I fail then are more than welcome to create your own stripe board as you see it here for Zibbet...which is simply a volunteer deal by the way because we at Zibbet think there are so many awesome finds here on the sight..there is no agreement other than to volunteer to pin items from Zibbeters to share here....and do you have a problem with the entire board of selections that I have chosen here or is it just particular drama over this one pin where you see check and I see stripes but now it is that you think it is also that someone might be pinning dogs as cats and also are color blinded in the orange category? Sorry If I somehow unknowingly pissed in your Cheerios here ..uhmmm I see piss as yellow (mine) but others might view as brown or even sometimes they might think it has a greener tint....but that has nothing to do with whatever your problem with me is here.:) go follow some more people besides me LOL
Profile picture of spankyluvsvintage spankyluvsvintage and as one last comment to you here..if by your logic you see dogs as cats.....then that is just how you see it :)...If I see stripes that you see as checks...then that is your opinion and my opinion and we are both entitled to them...if you say I failed then okay...whatever....your opinion matters somewhere....just not to me :) And Zibbet is a very positive place and I am sorry that we did not have a sing around the campfire experience here :) Can't wait for the 4th of July LOL! Whoo hooo!!!

I guess all that I can say is that here is one example that I can think of since she was talking about 4 legged animals.....hmmmm...if I call a turd a "piece of chit"....but you call it "something not to step on" we walk away and avoid it and act like it isn't there or do we talk to the turds and tell them what we think?
Help me out here LOL! 
as a post dated post on 07-01-2011---I see she has just joined the Zibbet community and I have no probs with anyone welcoming her


  1. Well, goodness. It's a hankie. A handkerchief. I called it "Stars and Stripes" for its red white and blue motif.

    Nothing insulting or sinister was meant by this naming, nor was I attempting to slip a checked item to unsuspecting customers allergic to checks. I simply wanted to convey the Old-Fashioned-Patriotic-Bunting-Hot-Summer-Days-4th-of-July feel to having a red/white/blue hankie peaking from a gentleman's pocket.

    Ketutar J, if, somehow, your stripe-loving, check-hating sensibilities have been assaulted and bruised, I truly am sorry and beg that you and all like-minded readers and Pinners not blame Spanky's naiveté in having included my deviously 'stripe' named handkerchief in the Zibbet Board.

    Hopefully you'll come to see the honest error of my artistic ways and forgive me. But, truth be told, I am only just waking this morning and must wonder if there aren't far more egregious lapses in propriety, more hurtful sins in this world for which your outrage, time, and effort would be more productively spent than taking Spanky to task for having made an artistic choice.

    Checking through your awesome Pinterest ... and I use the word "awesome" properly ~ for seeing your Pinterest Boards has inspired true awe ~ I notice you have a photograph of children posted in your "Hand Puppets" board ... nary a single hand puppet to be seen in that photograph. There are photographs of theaters and theater designs, as well. Nope, no Hand Puppets in those, either.

    But ... the implication is there: the feel, the intent, the mood. I knew what you meant immediately even though there weren't any hand puppets in those photographs. I understood the photographs of empty theaters could be seen as part of a Hand Puppet culture: a variation on a theme, as it were.

    Yes, I was momentarily taken aback but, upon realization of your implied theme and laying down for a few moments, I was able to fully recover.

    Me? I was raised on Sherrie Lewis with her Lampchop along with Jim Henson and Frank Oz, and I continue delight in a good puppet show. But now I'm realizing that some of Henson's puppets weren't hand puppets ~ they came to life on wires or poles or even with a person actually *inside* a costume. But I still consider his art that of a Hand Puppeteer. Perhaps I'm foolish; perhaps I have "good imagination".

    I suppose ... now that my first cup of morning coffee is gone and I've already spent far too much time on your post ... I will end with telling you that what I find most offensive in this entire tempest in a teapot is the time and effort you felt necessary to take to scold someone for my something that is my doing. Publicly. On her blog. Someone who has volunteered time and effort and yet you feel it proper to express a faux-outrage for what amounts to Spanky's artistic choice.

    That her choice involved my product is the only reason I am commenting: I feel responsible. I'm the one who created the handkerchief and I'm the one who named it in a way you've found offensive.

    And, for this, I again most sincerely apologize and trust you'll let Spanky off the hook for being duped by clever, ol' me. And I hope you do not feel you have been rude or insulting, either to Spanky or to me. After all, one must stand up to be heard and, with righteous indignation, strive to correct those things one truly believes are wrong.


  2. Omg! Thanks Karen soooo much for chiming in....:)
    She later made a comment that she didn't like the USAionated
    flag stripes on there and I think that was the whole reason for her picking your item in the first place :) Anyhoo...I messaged Judy and asked her if it should be deleted as the board represents Zibbet not just my opinions LOL! From now on I will keep my comments about my pins to my own boards and just ignore any I do not agree with on the Zibbet ones:)
    Even though people often "notice" controversy.....I was really sorry that this whole conversation was attached to an item of yours that I really a matter of fact....I think I'm gonna have to go nab those right now! LOL

  3. Are there "more egregious lapses in propriety, more hurtful sins" than making the "artistic choice" of calling plaid stripes? Of course. For example your response, Karen.

    How is saying that plaid is not striped, in any way an attack on your craft or creativity? Or on Rhonda's volunteering?

    Yes, it's a hankie. It's just not striped.
    Does a hanky need to be striped to be a hanky? No.
    Does it need to be striped to be a good hanky? No.
    Does it need to be striped to be called "stars and stripes"? No.
    But it needs to be striped to be a striped hanky.

    Yes, you called it "stars and stripes". Have I objected to that in any way? No. I'm just stating it's not striped.

    Do I claim or imply anything sinister or insulting going on? No. I'm stating the item is not striped. Is that offensive? It shouldn't be, but here you two are all up in arms, being more or less venomous about MY "egregious sin".

    It was not your fault that Rhonda pinned it on the Zibbet board. It was 100% her choice and responsibility.
    I am not commenting your creation. I am commenting her choice.

    The difference between my Pinterest boards and the board Rhonda manages FOR ZIBBET is that the board she manages for Zibbet is NOT for her personal use, like my Pinterest boards are. I have named my boards for me, not for anyone else, and so I might pin things on the boards that makes no sense to anyone but me - and you are free to comment that if you find that confusing.
    And - behold - I have not with one word objected to Rhonda pinning your checkered hanky to HER OWN STRIPES BOARD!
    What, oh WHAT might be the reason for that? I bet you two bright ladies will figure that out really quickly, and find out it has to do with some of my deeply disturbing, offensive and abominable character flaws.

    "...what I find most offensive in this entire tempest in a teapot is the time and effort you felt necessary to take to scold someone for my something that is my doing. Publicly. On her blog."

    Er... I didn't scold her publicly on her blog.
    I asked her, politely, if not kindly, in Pinterest, to stop pinning checkered items on the striped boards, and I gave her the reason for my request too.
    SHE chose to publish my comment on her blog, her response to that and my response to her response.
    The "storm in the teapot" is more about the discussion she chose to have with me by responding to my comment.

    I don't find your product offensive, and I don't find its name offensive. Frankly, I don't find it offensive that "spanky" was stupid enough to pin it on the board. I find it a misfavor to Zibbet to pin things that are not striped on the striped board, and I find it irritating that people do things like that. I like Zibbet, so I comment.

    I don't belittle the time and effort she has used for Zibbet, but it could have been used more wisely. Also, she could have chosen to ignore my comment and use all the time and effort she used to attack me in various places on the internet better, for example to pin striped items for Zibbet, but no... and you have the gall to get offended! For what?

    1. An attack? hmnnn.....
      your quote
      "spanky" was stupid enough to pin it on the board
      I digress....

  4. "She later made a comment that she didn't like the USAionated flag stripes on there and I think that was the whole reason for her picking your item in the first place :)"

    Actually I said I'm not interested in your personal and very free interpretation of what constitutes striped, nor in USonian flag. Being interested in something and liking something are not the same thing, Rhonda.
    Besides, I didn't oppose in any way your pinning the USonian flag items. Those are at least striped... to some extend. Most of them. At least the USonian flag is. In the normally accepted version. Yours is naturally plaid, because to you plaid and striped are the same thing.
    I also commented on the red tartan jacket, but that you choose so comfortably to ignore. :-) It might be harder to believe my "real reason" to comment was because I "hate" USA than that I was saying the truth in the first place when I said "plaid is not striped", if you noted that fact.

    "I messaged Judy and asked her if it should be deleted as the board represents Zibbet not just my opinions"
    Oh, so I should have thanked her for that checkered item to go. I suppose I'll just message Judy myself and ask her to see what she can do to remove the plaid jacket.

    Not all people who like striped, like checkered. I'm sorry that that fact makes both of you uncomfortable and hurt, and I'm sorry to be the person who made you aware of that there are such horrible people in the world.
    People who don't like checkered won't follow a board where they might get their "sensibilities assaulted".
    The idea with Zibbet's pinterest boards was to give Zibbet more attention. The more people follow Zibbet boards, the more people come to Zibbet and buy things through Zibbet.
    I'm sorry to say this, Rhonda, but you just have to put your own sensibilities aside and think about what's best for Zibbet, because I am sure I'm not the only stripe-lover with plaid aversion. I just might be the only one who cares enough to tell you that you are doing Zibbet a disfavor when she pins items that are NOT STRIPED on the board for striped items.
    Customer feedback is a pretty important part of business, and one shouldn't be such a bitch when one gets it, even when one doesn't necessarily agree with what is being said.

    Tell me, Rhonda... would removing two (2) CHECKERED items from the board made any real difference to you? It would have made all the difference to me. But, no, ms "spanky" is hurt and sad because someone said something "nasty", and would rather DIE than give the "beotchhh" what she asked.

    Get over yourself. Both of you.

  5. OMG....once again Keutar (and for the last time) are not the stripe guru....Pinterest is an interest board..and the pins there do not all have to please you unless you are signing some sort of a paycheck for everyone which obviously is not happening....if you don't like 2 things on my board jeepers creepers simply avert your eyes (like most people would do). HELLO???? The boards were not created for you and you alone. Get over it...and this is the deal.....the reason the first item was removed was because of our comments back and forth at one another..I myself removed them after talking it over with Judy.....but why would I remove the other item simply because you don't like it and asked me to remove it? Yes I realize that for some reason you think you are in some sort of "stripe censorship management" position or something...and maybe you could cast a spell on me or something we could bottle up and call the "Stripe STRIKE" or something to wake me up or whatever...LOL..but truth of the matter is that Zibbet is very pleased with the Stripes board and just invited me to start another one....about buttons. (Good lord I hope you don't have some sort of weird thing about buttons as well.) Anyhoo as I said..good luck on your diet..and it's not that I would rather DIE than give you what you's just that you are in no position to ask me or to demand for me to do anything here....and that my dear is in fact the bottom line. Ohmahgod..I said "line" and a line is a stripe and stripes can make a check.....What a travesty..woa I must go now so that I can try to get over myself but that might include a hop skip and a jump and "Hopscotch"...hhmmmnnn those are a bunch of boxes connected together that were made by lines A.K.A. STRIPES.....heavy sigh :)

  6. Ohmahgod...I just realized something...
    you know how they say that sometimes our paths cross for unknown reasons?
    Ketutar said above..
    "Yes, it's a hankie. It's just not striped.
    Does a hanky need to be striped to be a hanky? No.
    Does it need to be striped to be a good hanky? No.
    Does it need to be striped to be called "stars and stripes"? No.
    But it needs to be striped to be a striped hanky."

    Is it any coincidence that my twitter name is "hankyspanky" as well as part of my email addy??? Dang dang all makes sense now....spank me for posting the hanky..... and there it is..the rest of the story...and BTW...from this point forward I will ignore and delete any and all comments from the above poster...and you know how the magician pulls that hanky out of the hat and "bam!" something is gone? I don't profess to have any certain "powers"....but BAM! this one has been "Hankied" "SPANK-IED" and now is on THE total ignore invisible status.
    And as a post note.....hope ya'll here in America are flying your flags high this 4th of July....when I light my first will definitely be in honor of the "STARS AND THE STRIPES".......even if things aren't all hunky dory in our can bet your sweet checkered arse that I am and always will be PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN..and guess what else? I won't hate you if you aren't either proud or not from my country :)...enuff enuffffffffffffff alright already okay!

  7. in summation...
    Katuter pooter says.."Does it need to be striped to be a good hanky? No."
    Here is something that I have added to my "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer in case I do indeed DIE overnight..

    "PLEASE Forgive me Lord and all of the "powers" that be....I have been a very baaaaad Hanky I have not always been a good one."
    I will spend the rest of my life trying to be the best hanky spanky that I can be.
    End of this story.
    Carry on.

  8. ARE U KIDDING ME?!?! All of this drama over whether something is STRIPED or PLAID?! Here is a piece of info for everyone: PLAID is defined as a crosshatched pattern of perpendicular stripes and bands! And here, where we fly the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA flag (not sure WHAT the "USonian" thing is, besides a word Frank Lloyd Wright used back in the '30s to describe his own vision!), this INCLUDES items that are in the referenced photo.

    If we're voting, which is something ELSE we do here in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERIA, I vote to LEAVE THE ITEM ON THE BOARD.

    I also vote to dismiss anyone who has a problem with any Pinterest choices someone else makes. Again, this is a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA thang: choice. It is our right to hold and state our own opinions here. You don't like it? THERE'S the door. Don't let the knob hit u in the @ss on your way out.

    p.s. - I am "large and in charge" of the Pink Board for Z-Land and some of the items I CHOOSE may seem more purple or even magenta. Too. Dang. Bad. My choice. And if I choose to legally pin someone's nice work, and my boss doesn't have an issue with it, well, then guess what, folks?! IT STAYS!

    p.p.s. - Some people ought to have enough sense to be embarrassed by taking up an issue such as this, publicly OR privately. Stripes vs. plaid, (which, to recap, we've already straightened out that plaid IS, indeed, a pattern of stripes). This isn't life or death. Perhaps some perspective should be utilized here and less time wasted chastising someone for their CHOICES. Everyone's time would be better spent being POSITIVE and showing SUPPORT! If you don't like what someone else is doing, LEAVE. That's your choice! This is PINTEREST, not Nazi Germany! Get a grip.


  9. Make Art Not War ^^^^^^^^^
    Lola my dear you are indeed priceless :)