Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It Only Takes a Second...

Wow....in the E forums I see that someone I called out quite awhile ago---- for being "harsh" is still being checked in those forums by respected E forum posters as well ....LOL....is it any sort of vindication to know that a lot of people know now what I knew upon first encountering this ones' true  character?   Not really...the fact that she is still there..that-----she runs in and takes the  back stab approach or sometimes even the head on kick but then jumps away and hides..she retreats to her lonely dungeon or so it seems LMAO!!!!....I just hope that more and more people will see her true nasty character in the posts she keeps making there.....
Yes...I like it when more people see what I saw..and I didn't even have to be there to comment LOL!   And the friends she has in her corner....to me also have the same type of M.O. and that of course is why they agree with one another LOL! :)

Here is a re-cap of the latest carp she stated and started by being so snarky and mean and imo unnecessarily hateful..but that's just how this big-un rolls me thinks LOL!----------------------------------

KxxxxxxxxxxFashions says Edited on Jun 4, 2012

Nice callout. If you want her to govern herself accordingly at least spell your legal threats correctly


That was uncalled for and mean. 



So I guess she is supposed to be fluent in English while she is born and lives in Italy, which probably means she speaks Italian!!!!


The spelling police are out early today. Anything to make you feel better.


It's bad enough to do this, but when you belittle someone from a non english speaking country, it's shameful. 


Also, whenever someone sees that there are a lot of typos in a post, it only takes a second to check their profile and see where they're from. It was a good guess that the OP was not a native English speaker. I'd like to see how many of us could write clearly in her language:-)

Uhmmmm hello..from my own experience with this IMHO overly negative poster....she is just trying to get any sort of back-links on her items and shop that she sells very little in---- that she can???? Negative or positive....she hits the buttons and loves to be involved in the negative stuff......and then says its' all about back-links or something to that effect :(....you are all just feeding into the web that she wants to get you in....yes she is a huge arse-hole imo.....but don't promote her seldom sold items by giving her any more back-links...lol!    Just glad that more people are noticing what I already knew tho LOL! But don't try to convo her and make any sense of her actions....she will only say you are harassing her...and then will go on harassing anyone she pleases in those forums.....God Forbid you ever try to ask her WTH were you thinking?????????? LMAO
But hey...what do I know.....I'm just a big fat jealous loser after all  :)

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