Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why do you buy things on eBay???

Okay.....so I have often stated that I am an eBay addict shopaholic etc...etc....yes I have often been one who when I am "researching" a previously "sold" item for one that I am considering selling....
Oh Snap----o-laaaa...
yep you guessed it....
I just end up buying more chit.....
way more than I will ever sell there
in that place at least
LOL...yep that's me
but even tho I still 
luv eBay
i will still say that I 
got pissed off at eBay 
Meg left the ship...
John took over---said he
didn't want a yard seller
back peddled after
eBay then became
the sight I fell in love with
in the first place----
now they give
them thar yardsellers 
free listings
just sayin'....
it ain't what it used to be
when eBay embrace them thar
yard seller type of folks
I still love the sight
and spend way way way toooooooo
much there....
but I still hate it that the feedback is not a 2 way street....
sellers can not say
what they really think about
the buyers...and those trying
to make a living there....
God bless them every one.
That's all I can say.
I still sell a few things there
I still buy waaaaaaaaaaaaaay
much stuff there............
but the feedback and the opinions
of buyers???????????????????
Sadly.....I as a mostly buyer there
used to actually consider the feedback
and opinions of the buyers who had bought something there from a seller before me...
but still today------
knowing that the feedback is only a one way street and that the seller has no real recourse except to maybe go on line and rant in their blog about a buyer or to place that bad buyer on a "blocked buyer" list that not everyone out there will see----
I think it still is a "let the seller beware" venue now even more than "caveat emptor" ....
but I still love buying things there..and I still like to talk about my experiences on that sight!
at the end of the day
I do still love eBay
imagine that for a MINUTE LOL!

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