Monday, August 26, 2013

About some Forms of communication...................

Sometimes we do indeed meet our match and once in awhile we might indeed meet someone that we'd like to strike a match and stick it between their toes after they fall asleep hee-hee.
Sometimes on-line and even in person we are forced to deal with some who have absolutely no communication skills.( insert  ZERO  ='s no here LOL! ) And sometimes we are dealing with complete strangers as well. (Who especially if they are on-line will sometimes lie about themselves and misrepresent themselves....

and once you catch them exhibiting  this type of wishy washy behavior....walk away Jonesie (in a run your arse like you have never run the mile before)
 kind of manner LOL! ) Just do it and you'll be glad you did instead of wasting any more time getting caught up in their warped up drama --(((JMO--speaking from personal experience of course hah!)))
 But even if we are "people pleasers" or "problem solvers" every now and then you just have to chalk up a bad experience to either dealing with someone who is totally bat shit crazy --or you are simply dealing with someone who will never be happy with whatever you can do for them---- or perhaps.....the person lacks communicational skills or lacks what most would simply consider to be "normal" feelings.  I think that is pretty much it in a nutshell.

In having to "work" on my communication skills after what recently happened to my brain... I think I am kind of eyes wide open now even more about how...some people you will never be able to relate to or "please".  And I am left with the feeling that rather than get offended that someone does something you perceive as being "wrong".....just mark it up to the fact that they might perhaps have ZERO communications skills or ZERO real feelings or maybe indeed are simply batshit crazy.

(And ya'll who enter here know that I myself readily admit that I can bring on some major "Kraaaa CRAAA" myself if I need to hee-hee.)

I guess the point I am trying to make here is that sometimes when you can't find a real reason for something that happened or you might think that something simply makes no sense whatsoever..
you should probably go with that instinct.....and move on......
the sooner the better.
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