Friday, August 30, 2013

Count me in as a disgruntled Etsy buyer not able to leave immediate feedback

yep I do buy a few too many things on line.  ( Once in awhile )..heh-heh insert phrase told to me hubby about once in awhile :)
So I am living the part about Etsy sellers frustrated with the new stars system.
But now.....since the change happened I received 2 packages from the Etsy venue yesterday.
As a buyer...when I get the package....I go to the venue....and leave feedback.
That is what works for me as a buyer on any on-line venue.  Get the the package....leave feedback.
So as a buyer I go to my purchases I just received and get this message
Open for review on September 3, 2013.
what this tells me is that many sellers will not be getting the positive ratings from the sales that they just made....but human behavior tells us that the ones who are going to stick around and actually leave comments are the ones who think that they actually have a problem with the purchase.
As a buyer on this venue....I would like the ability to leave a positive feedback or stars or whatever....but I do not want to be told that I need to wait until I can "leave" a "review".
I think in most cases that this is not gonna happen unless someone is hanging around to post a bad.

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