Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Niece has always had a beautiful belly :)

Women.....we often worry about our bellies and mid sections....after about the age of 45......or when we are preggers....and women don't stop and think a lot of times about how absolutely beautiful their bellies really are.  Guys don't care....they rock that belly pop from day one.....they never really care much about such in my experience hee-hee.
So I posted pic on FB tonight from way back in the niece Heather and son Kev....playing in the sprinklers and having what I called way back then and wrote it in my photo journal as--"The beautiful belly contest"....
Today....Heather with little Kolbe in the oven of course rocks the better belly hands down... laugh my cra cra arse off.....but I think my Kevie back in the day was up in the running of "Belly Rocks" kinda winner thang thang thang.....
whatchall think here :)  hee-hee
#middle of the sprinklers #bischh I own this water #we got good bellies and we can not lie

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