Thursday, August 22, 2013

MY BEST ME these days...About The Brain games and getting better

So yes...not wanting the sympathy vote or anything like that at all..
I have been periodically posting about my "recovery" after the stroke.
I still have no "multi-tasking" capabilities
I still have a lot of memory loss...short tem and long term.....
last week when I mentioned it to my Niece Heather....she reminded me how lucky I am that maybe this is my "best me" right now..
that someone else in her family who has gone thru this is in a care facility...and she just dealt with the loss of one of her loved ones who suffered from a series of strokes.
I get that.
I get that
and I count my lucky stars
someone still wants me here
is all that I can figure
at this point.
About my recovery
yah I always thought 
I was such a smart cookie
and I lost that when the
stroke happened.
I am swimming in a world these days
of just trying to get thru it.
That's all.
I just want to enjoy
and not concentrate on the
negative things
I am still here to be here
and to share me with the
ones who still love me
and support me.
So today my Bro in a conversation
we were having....
I repeated it....
he corrected me like I was 
some sort of a dumb ass
and I guess I have never had
to really deal with feeling like a
dumb ass before...
I know he loves me
I know he depends on me
and maybe the reason he was
being so dadgum snarky
is because he is trying to
"wake" my brain up...
he needs me
I need him
we are a team
we always have been.
But when he "called" me out
on not "saying" the right
I just told him
and then my Nephew Larry flashes me a high 5 and calls me "Stroker ACE"
thank you.
I can not fix what went wrong with me.
And the way I have always tried to live my life.....
I can only try to make me right
#just call me stroker # my best me


  1. that's all you can do, is be your best you. keep it up! Glad you are ok and can still joke. Now, start enjoying every little thing. :)