Thursday, August 15, 2013

Recovery.....and lips droppin deals

So I took this self pic last week...
just as a so called "log" for myself
to see how I am improving after
the stroke happened....
hope you can't see any buggers in my nose
But am not so great at taking those
"self photos"...
guess I need to get a 
smart phone or something....
I think even tho I am not one
to notice small things.....
that my droopy side of my face
is improving
even when I don't crack a smile
here's to healing 
cheers on that one!
hope ya'll are having
an awesome August! 
#smiles #strokes #lips dips #we be kay



  1. It's just a little droopy. Not as bad as some get. Maybe one of these face exerciser things might help.

    Of course it would suck if the rubber band broke and flew down your throat choking you to death. But at least you'd go with straight lips, right?


  2. Thanks always make me smile PD....and that is the best exercise :)... most likely anything with the word exerciser in it is not gonna fit into my daily routine hee-hee. In the meantime just call me "Double D" A.K.A. "Droopy Darlin'" hah!