Wednesday, September 18, 2013

About those off site links and where we get taken.....they can link - off yah that's right LO aka FO

Prior to this post I linked a "sponsored" link that is very similar to the links at the bottom of every eBay sellers' pages that I have been to lately.......
my how times have evolved since those eBay "noise" roll-outs and "like it or leave it " changes...where some thought it was time to hop out from under the bus before ya got thrown under it.
Yep it was and it is.  And I still buy and sell a bit there.... but dang....
it is not at all what I fell in love with... I have talked about that a bit.
I still like what I can find as a buyer there if I search real hard......
but even with some of my favorite sellers pages that I have kept for years.....
as a buyer it still gets more and more frustrating simply trying to stay on the sellers' page that I freaking want to be on.   Seriously... I consider myself somewhat of a "veteran" internet experienced buyer....
why should I myself not be able to stay on the same page that I want to be on at that place and time and particular moment?????
maddening I say simply maddening :)

and here are some of my thoughts about these "link-offs" as I prefer to call them....

 Here's just about 1/2 of a cent of my 2 cents on this topic..where some today in the Etsy forums are saying it's all good and others are doomsday predicting....I'll just as a buyer give one example of what happens in this "new phase" of  off site links being added to most selling venues-----in today's eBay..... whilst trying to go to the next pages of one of my fave seller pages of items.....when I get to the bottom of the page.... it seems to happen time and time again....even if I am on the big screen monitor.....I will click on page 2 or 3 or whatever next page I want to go to....and then what most likely happens over and over even though I never hovered anywhere near this "click"??? I still somehow "magically" get taken away to the "sponsored" links....

even when I don't even click on them to be taken off of the eBay page that I am my previous post I copied the link at the bottom of the page that somehow had the ability to morph me off of ebay into another dimension even though that was not my intention..
 LOL!Frustrating as a buyer indeed.... but sad for the seller there who has no idea that even when their potential  buyer is doing all they can to remain on that page that for some reason.....they get whisked away to the "sponsored" links" 
imagine that.   so much for transparency .  and for those who see no reason to be concerned that "links" are popping up everywhere.  I would say this. 

we can all wanderlust at our own pace.  we can all find anything and land anywhere we want to be.  but if we are on a venue and want to stay on that venue in a certain land.....I have a big big problem with my little "click" that wasn't a click away (by the way)  that keeps directing me more and more away from where i want to be.  And maybe these "sponsored links" will only be looking at their "views" in the overall pic....
but they might just want to consider how many people who were somehow "forcefully" lead to their off-site and because of this will probably never buy anything from them and as a matter of fact might somehow have some sort of subliminal negative message imbedded in their buyer brain because they landed where they did not want to be in the first place.  Maybe?  Just a thought.

In my opinion.... off site linking is not always a good thing

as a matter of might be a bit of a bad thing

in the overall picture of the real panorama
of roads that are supposed to lead to somewhere.

but what the hellzz??  I'm old school.  what do I know in this new world of internet sellers and dwellers
allz I know is that these days I am keeping a tighter "gripper" on my "clicker" 

hope ya'll land where you want to be :)  

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