Sunday, September 1, 2013

Polka dots and nuts On Sunday

Chillin' on another hot weekend with our Chloe munchkin.  We were getting ready to go eat and she said she had to have a yellow necklace to go with her polka dot dress.   When we went to eat she had fun putting rings on her toes and bracelets on her ankles.  Then when we got home she helped me paint this old nut tray and before we were done she was practically covered from head to toe with the black and blue chalk paint. I have this little vintage gold heart necklace that I just put on her and I told her that she needed to be careful with it not to break it because it is kind of expensive.  She said "Oh..... I like expensive necklaces!"   Ruh-rooohhhh hee-hee.
I think we'll be going to bed pretty early tonight. :)  Hope ya'll had a super Sunday!

#trinket troth #recycled nut tray #polka dot munchkin

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