Wednesday, October 23, 2013

eBay Etsy Amazon what comes around goes around big wheels keep on turning

So eBay is now promoting  their own new "Collections Followers and Seller Profiles".  Strange that they are getting back to a more personal intervention between buyers and sellers.  First they wanted to make like Amazon..... then Etsy seems to make like some eBay kind of emulations.... and peeps like  Ms. Fakes' made comments which seem to be Etsy denials that they are trying to be anything like eBay ......
then Oct 21st Holy Moley guacamole..... eBay sends out the announcements about the more user friendly "Collections Followers and Seller Profiles" roll-out. Is eBay trying to take some of the things that made Etsy more popular and use them to eBays'  advantage? ..... or is this just a taste of things to come from both venues... where the more they change the more alike they seem to be.
Seems like the big wheels will indeed keep on turning and sometimes indeed.... what comes around goes around. 
Very interesting to see how this all plays out.  Very interesting indeed.

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