Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Serenity Prayer

Dear Lord

please grant me the serenity to accept the fact that life is ever-changing.

let me go to bed each night always knowing that even the most perfect people I have ever known have made some huge mistakes along their own paths to perfection.

for every hill there is a mountain and every mountain has a valley and I know that you will love no one above me or below me any more or less than you do me.

You have equipped us all with the tools to climb that mountain and I thank you for that angel on my shoulder who often reminds me to stop and smell the proverbial roses....who tells me that it doesn't matter how far or fast or slow that I climb....because eventually I am going to end up in the place that you always wanted me to be.

And as I get older I am beginning to think that the real test is not how far that we can climb but instead how we treat those in our paths who have fallen and how we treat those who try to push us down.

if I could ask for anything these days.... it would be
please grant me more patience to stop being so judgmental of those who fail to meet my expectations. For in the end it is you my Lord who is the judge of all that is... ever was... and ever will be.


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