Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oy vey was the Malibu boat gal psychic? Town hall sez I can actually be a "real" designer now....oh the dreams...

Meet the new Etsy stars...the future stars that is......those there and who will soon be there.....raking in that $ big honey...H-E-L-L-O...they are giving us all a chance at the big time now right????  hmnnnnnzzzz.....
can I get a 5 star hollah now ??????????  Awe come on..... can't a cupcake at least jump up and down on a trampoline once or twice here????  J.K. of course--------

Okay 1st of all......  it's not like so many people have not already been anticipating something like this.  Not that big of an "OhmahGawwwd I can't believe this is happening"  kind of thing happened here today.  But it kind of left me thinking this.
About that BOAT GAL...you know.... the one who was shipping in that cute stuff with all of that "TOXIC" kind of paint stuff all over it which in the end told me something like
"DUHHHHHHH..... it doesn't matter how cute it is...... if it's gonna hurt a kid..... don't let them anywhere near this kind of stuff"
so I often tell people "HEY I'm Psycho.....NOT Psychic...come on work with me already okay!"
(all-right-ie then so we cleared the air on that one yes?) -----
here's a little bit I posted on that thread over there this eve

"hmnn....I'm thinking this also means that the once featured "boat gal" and drop "shipping" kind of all make sense now..... kinda now seems like she was a "collective" before her time who paved the way for so many new peeps...who woulda thunk that then?"

And it does seem to me that she was perhaps some sort of psychic..... (somehow knowing that what she was doing would some day not only be allowed) .....
but today applauded and praised in the new direction that the  Etsy path will now be leading all of it's potential buyers to.

Let's see...... they heard about this great venue.....where unique hand made one of a kind items happily overflow to be found by anyone who dares to enter there.  And now......
well now....all I can say is "Caveat EMPTOR"- X - ten (or multiples of ten perhaps.)
And who knows?  Maybe this will actually turn into a happy ending for some.... and others who rock the boat..... might find themselves in a slow sinking ship.

As a seller.... they never were or never will be the only game in town
but as a buyer..... even tho I was not shocked by the town hall get together.....
I was a bit more disheartened ..and how many more notches this lover of Etsian hand made awesomeness still has left in her ...remains to be seen.

I'm just wondering if it is NOW  really okay ( for example)  to drop ship things made with toxic materials even though it wasn't made that way (with toxic stuff) when I first "imagined" it on paper---and what if it is being drop shipped from a country that doesn't consider these particular items to be at all toxic??????
 And I am suddenly wondering what kind of worms in the can this one is gonna get to crawling??....  or am I now simply too suspicious of what could happen to a venue that "allows" so many new things when they have already proven they do not currently have the capabilities to properly police what is already being allowed there.

That being said...... I am not gonna shut anything down until I know for certain that the bang for my tiny buck is a lost cause there :)   As a buyer I am also sure that I will still find myself searching there for something unique that I or a friend simply has to have :).... but how much longer it will take to find "said unique item" remains to be seen.

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