Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kolbe Hood Billingtons' family Baby Shower....awesome day!

Today was a wonderful Sunday for me.  What a wonderful journey it always becomes when a new baby is expected to carry on the family namesake...
here is a pic from today's festivities... and I look at momma "Barb" here and have many fond memories from back in the day when she was a young 16 year old "going steady" with my baby bro.  She still looks so beautiful today.... and this pic just made me smile even more and I think really radiates how happy and excited we all are to see and hold our little "Kolbe Bear" for the first time!
I know first hand at the wonderful job that Heather has done in offering a "mothering hand" to her younger siblings and family members.... and I have told her for so many years that I can not wait to see her become a Momma....
and that time is just around the corner.....
whoo hoo!
here's a couple of pics of a couple of things I recently recycled and made for Heather and gave her today....

and another gift I gave her today was a gift card from Etsy for her nautical bedding theme.  She found it on Etsy and has been decorating Kolbe's baby room around this quilt from an Etsy Artisan.   I was happy to be able to gift her something that is truly hand made from the Etsy venue.
I can also say that I also have huge hopes that some day soon --- Zibbet with the rebuild will also have the "gift card" capabilities as well :)..perhaps the next baby in our continually growing family will someday have a "blankie" purchased with a "gift card" from the Zibbet hand made venue :)
Hope ya'll had a great weekend!
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