Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting a good deal during and so-called "After" the recession ?

Okay momma taught me well..I am all about getting a good deal and the thrill of finding it to me was always the reason for the search..
( I had this in me years before this economy crap went down the bucket faster than a turd down the toilet)
and NOW getting a "good deal" suddenly became the new Chic for many more out there...
but myself---as someone who has been involved in a retail business that involves products
(that used to be mainly from American workers most of my adult life)
this is the problem as I see it today for those in the same furniture circles that I belong to---
since 2008 (in my area but it hit much earlier in other areas)--customers enter your store and say  for instance "What is your cheapest sofa set?"
And as a now have the Chinese imports that have put sooo many American manufacturers
AND workers out of business--but the product you are selling is now being sold at the same price point that you used to have to pay for the product.... so you don't lose that sale because you have the cheapest thing they are looking for...but guess what? 3 months later and they realize the sofa set they bought is a huge piece of inferior junk and they are unsatisfied with the purchase---but the warranty on Chinese imports is basically for 60 days?---I mean in my opinion they didn't give a crap about putting poison in dog food--why do they really care if your sofa set breaks after a few months?
So what then happens is that you lose this customer who bought the cheapest thing you could sell them...yes they will never buy from you again--but they will probably go to another store and ask for the "cheapest" thing they can buy there--because maybe your "cheap" stuff was crap---and maybe someone elses cheap stuff is "cream"...who knows the mind set of the struggling  American consumer these days?
All I can say is that if anyone out there is looking for furniture here in the would be getting a much better bargain to spend $200-$300 more and buy American made---to get a decent quality product---but do your research--just because the company is based here in America--does not mean that they are selling you better quality products----in many instances---the  BIG American company you bought that product from--(just got that item out of a container shipped from Asia---)
I say anyone out there who still cares---ask for made in America--spend a bit more--and get a better deal in the long run..

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