Sunday, January 16, 2011

Political Correctness

My thoughts about being politically correct ? (And not offending anyone out there at all if we can possibly avoid it----???)
To attribute this term and link it to Politics? ..It needs to be named something else I think  and maybe others will get on the band wagon of doing what is right
Bad Idea I think :) to jump in bed with crooks and thieves and THEN TRY and  call ourselves "Politically Correct"--hmnnnn.... What  EXACTLY
In my way of thinking--most politicians are crooks and have been corrupted by the lobbyers and big-uns before or after  they came in office---(if they originally had good intentions--it is all tossed out the window after the "BIG DEAL" slime-fest  rolls in----)
Okay I am supposed to always try to be quote " politically correct " ??????
but AS I SEE IT--
the politcians in my opinion are part of the most un-correct-ness group in our lives today
and it makes me think that  LITERALLY being  "politically correct" should constantly get moved to the BOTTOM of my list of "Things I want To Be Someday"
What do you think about this type of correct-ness?
Shouldn't it have a new real name?

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