Thursday, January 13, 2011

Taking a break from Facebook

A few days ago I disabled my Facebook account. There was just too much drama added to my life

specifically because I was there--

and for some reason the down falls started to suddenly outweigh the benefits.

My account was under my actual  name ...not a fan page ..and I made it public... which is probably what I did wrong in the first place... but my thoughts are that if this is TRULY  the new social venue and yet you make your settings PRIVATE..that your time would be better spent personally interacting with those you choose to privately interact with on Facebook.
Anyways I basically feel like I have nothing to hide..I always speak what's on my mind..and yah some times it gets me in a little hot water..but a few days ago I knew it was either go private on a social venue or not be there at all...and I am still thinking this over...but after a few days I seriously haven't had any withdrawal symptoms that I am aware of...
I got into the Farmville deal when I first joined..I came I plowed  and then..I suddenly left my fields barren.. and even tho we have world hunger..I knew my farming days were done--but I still had lots of goodies in my "gift" basket---it was all kind of fun to me until I realized that in a weeks' time  I was spending more time giving people VIRTUAL cows than I spend buying beef at the grocery store.  I stopped planting and harvesting and almost felt guilty that so many people were sending me gifts and I wasn't accepting them and returning them..but I can't spend an hour a day pretending on Farmville...I have a full time job and my cup runneth over....( if I ever  found a first wish I think would be to grant me a bigger cup) LOL!
So last week was kinda the proverbial straw so to speak...

in one week----this is what I experienced...and granted I just might have waaaay more drama in my life than most but I usually don't tend to think so :)

#1. A friend of mine RAGING because his  recently ex-wife is on there posting that she is "SO HAPPY" and posting pics of her with the young stud (of course he acts like he doesn't care what she is doing but he still links onto other people to see what his ex is doing) and he is still pretty butt-hurt about this he gets his knickers all a wad every time he "peeks" at her page---and yah! This could totally be prevented..
but it's like Adam and Eve and the Apple--the temptation gets to him and he has to look---BUT if he wasn't on Face book he could save himself a lot of misery I think.

#2. I kept noticing that when I left Face Book and got onto other links my comp would either kick into granny gear or totally stall-out...and it wasn't happening any where else when I went from one page to another except for Face I kept wondering if maybe my cookies were getting baked or had my account been compromised? Or did it have nothing to do with my account? Still wondering but haven't experienced a crawl since I left.

#3 My hubby and I actually got into an argument because he asked  "who are you talking to"? kind of deal..and yet he has several divorced and single women who are friends of friends or are  his friends from his past that I don't even know but I never had a problem with his "Friends" on Face Book because I trust him..and why am I even arguing about friends on Face Book with him? If you can't trust someone you don't need to be together...people who can't be trusted will indeed hook-up with people anywhere--it doesn't have to be on Face Book.. (It was a very short argument by the way but nonetheless a problem that would have never happened if we weren't on Face Book socializing )  :)

#4 A friend of mine whom I had "removed" quite awhile ago from my friend list because I was tired of her getting so involved in my drama and creating more drama---anyways--she calls me crying "Why aren't you my friend on Face Book?"  And I was thinking if I wasn't on Face Book I wouldn't have even had this drama with her or at least wouldn't have known about it LOL!

#5 I got some messages from 3 different guys that I haven't a clue as to how they found me. They were saying things like "I saw your profile and want a chance to love you" kind of B.S. And I was thinking "How are these random people finding me and messaging me these things? " I mean I'm not all that hot where I popped up at the top of some list or something. So it got me to thinking that maybe someone has posted my pics on some other site and linking it to my Face Book? Not sure.

#6 Some one in my "inner" circle has a sister who found her first true love on Face Book. So she left her husband  2 weeks ago to find those greener pastures. Granted.. she and her husband have not had the best of a relationship but they worked it out for for 20 years..and were still working on staying together until she hooked up with an ex-lover on Face Book. So now the two of them are on there going back and forth like two kids in High School..I mean it would almost be funny if it wasn't so pathetic! Erma Bombeck  said something like "The grass is always greener over the septic tank!" And I wish that all people will eventually find their true happiness but I think a lot of people will find even more disappointment  by believing that their knight in shining armour is out there just waiting to be found on Face Book  AND  all they have to do is re-unite and re-kindle that old flame :)

#7 The time spent there..the older I get I am thinking I need to utilize my time better and try to be more productive. So maybe a "fan" page to link business venues and a "private" page to link only the closest friends might be the one that will work for me if I re-activate there.

So here I am getting into this "Blog" thing instead....but breathing a sigh of relief..feeling like I left the drama behind
♥ ♥

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  1. Just re-activated and made the settings private so that I can set up a business page for links. Thanks to my friend Becky for all of the advice on getting er done right :)