Monday, April 23, 2012

Update Update 4/25.....The Rest of the story! A Big Can Of Worms on About.WHAT????? this morning I find out what  really happened with this situation and I wanted to post the update at the top of the page.  Now that I know the truth of this matter...I once again feel confident about voting on this venue and sharing the wonderful articles that are all over that site :)  So it turns out that DIYnever contacted the loser about their concerns that someone was abusing the voting system ...but it was in fact the loser who messaged DIY about her concerns that someone had taken advantage of the voting system to make her lose....and DIY responded that they don't have any way of controlling how it works so long story short....DIY did not contact her about the voting...but only responded to the losers' suspicions about the voting (after she contacted them!) :(...... So once you know the rest of the story it is quite a different story indeed.........but I am really glad that what the loser insinuated is in fact not what really went down.........anyhoo  here is my original post on this matter but knowing the truth now anwers all of my questions about why would DIY do something like that?  Answer.....they didn't
It was brought to my attention yesterday that a recent loser in a "shop showdown" posted a statement on their FB page.....stating that someone from messaged them and told them that

quote"...they felt someone or a group of people were abusing the voting system. They felt badly because they cannot control the voting mechanism as it is set up by and have to rely on the honesty and integrity of their readers, but that obviously there was a lapse of judgment going on here..."

Seriously???  :( :( :( are some of my thoughts on this matter.......

#1........If the voting system on can in fact "be abused"......why would anyone ever bother voting for anything there from now on?  What a waste of time .....especially if they are in fact messaging someone that they "feel badly that they can not "control" the voting mechanism"   Wow! Just wow! I think most people would feel badly if voting mechanisms are somehow controlled .....
#2.......If the voting system could indeed be manipulated...wouldn't the loser in fact have also had  this same type of so called "manipulation" available to them?
#3.......If I were the winner of this shop show down I would be a bit upset that someone from the sight is messaging the loser and saying that " obviously there was a lapse of judgment going on here"..........
#4........If in fact an employee of this company is messaging these types of comments and having them publicly posted on FaceBook...(and basically in my opinion  seemingly "bad-mouthing" the integrity of their own venue by questioning the integrity of their readers)......why should anyone really spend much time reading what is written there?

I myself recently found the venue and have been enjoying a lot of the articles and telling people about the sight..but after hearing about this...I have to say that I am now going back and deleting the posts that I made linking to this venue.
I am still very very proud of the wonderful shops and people  I personally know of that have been mentioned in features on this venue.....but if one of their employees actually told someone that there was quote "a lapse of judgement"... why would they even have a show-down and tell the competitors to have all of their friends vote in the 1st place?  Why not just pick your own winner instead of posting the results of the voting and then later having the loser post on Facebook that someone from told them they felt badly that they quote..... "couldn't control the voting mechanism"?????
Now that's just about the biggest can of worms that I have seen in AWHILE :( :( :(   wOw WoW just WOW!.......hmnnnnnn???????

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