Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blush Vs. BBQ Chicken

So yes....I have been talking about getting older and about how being a Grandma is one of the biggest joys in my life these days.......
But I still get a bit upset at myself for starting to have the "forgetful" stuff enter my life on an almost every day basis LOL!
So I have recently discovered that "sleep apnea" is actually the cause of some of my forgetfulness so I do have a tiny bit of an  excuse hee-hee.    In the family business that I am involved in.....everyone still seems to depend on me to "remember" and to "know" and to "stay on top of everything"...simply because that has been the way we have rolled for many years  LOL!.....But one of these days and I know it is getting nearer and nearer....I am going to have to "pass that torch" to someone else in the family.  And at the same time that I feel really blessed when everyone I work with tells me and says that without me being there everything would simply fall apart.....but at the same time.....how many "days off from work" have I really had where no one called me to ask who this was or what that was or what needed to be done yada yada?......Uhmmmmm I would have to guess about Zero of those days in at least the past ten years hee-hee.
But it's okay....really really....it's just a part of me and a part of my being here----to help my family and the friends who work for us .  
But when that "forgetful" factor starts creeping into your life...... you kind of step back and have to accept that this is just a new part of life that you were never accustomed to. LOL!
So this morning I got to work and a couple of hours later when I went into the restroom I was thinking there was a little something different about my face....but couldn't quite put my finger on it...until I realized that I had "forgotten" to apply blush on my cheeks this morning.  And I said "Note to self.....start sitting the blush in a more prominent place in the make-up cabinet..but not in front of the deodorant." LOL!
Then hubby called and asked me if I saw any "chicken" any where in the kitchen before I left.   (We had BBQ'd and the left-over chicken might have made a yummy little lunch for him today)  But nope.....he left it on the counter and didn't put it in his ice-chest this morning before heading out to work.
So I ended up thinking.....hey at least I had a great lunch today LOL!
But I had to drive to Pollo Loco at lunch time to grab my chicken. :)
Hope ya'll have a great rest of the week.


  1. You are too funny aunt Rhonda. half way through this post I thought you were going to say you used a lil BBQ sauce for.blush...lol since you forgot it...hahahaha love you and see you tomorrow hopefully I.will.be feeling better I have been inbed since Sunday... so.I've gotten enough rest but still not feeling 100%:(

  2. oh I hope you will be there with me....both of us @ 75% = 150%....we are a great team....but if you don't feel better..I am sure that me and "Big Sweat" can manage LOL!....a.k.a----I hope you fell better tomorrow :=)