Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Hood's get er done tonight Whoo hooo!

So yes...I have been pretty sick for awhile....but today...2 days after returning to work after my latest procedure....I told my hubby that  I wanted to go out to Bako tonight  and be there....big time...(dad just got back from Trinidad...championship points deal going on etc.etc.)-----then what happens?  A super busy day at work...I get home this eve and hubby gives me a hand to "pull my arse" up the energy left whatsoever...and I tell him I am not feeling so good but feeling better than I have in a long long time....and yet at the same time...wanted to be out there and didn't get to see it happen in person.....
but dang.......
my older bro-----he has been dealing with some personal and medical issues....and still----helllzzzz yahhhh....gassed er up and won tonight even tho he only had to start the race to win the points championship....I was really worried about how he would do tonight after the problems with his legs and feet and the reaction involving the meds he is taking and what is going on with him....and what those dang chiggers added to his plate in Boone :)
my nephew Kyle Hood started from the back and took 2nd place tonight...and the best part of my BUSY day was when a customer of mine bought something today....I never met them..they shook my hand...and told me that my younger bro on their nephew's engines out at Bako:) and how much they think of him :)....
then the icing on top of the nephew Larry Hood winning 3 in a row....Hollah!  And then....also makes me smile.....his C-stas hubby...Lee Jensen....who finished 2nd...and to hear that the 2 of them drove a hell-uv-a-race.....
crappppppppp.....I wish I would have been there.....
but I am getting back to feeling better....and I guarangoshdarnteeya.....that I will be out there next year....I think and hope I can and will be out there to see it happen!!!!
So proud of ya'll..................
HOLLAH...and wish wish wish...I could have felt like being out there hollering.....but my heart smiles to know that you know my heart is there with you always :)

Larry Hood wins third IMCA feature at Speedway

BY MIKE GRIFFITH Californian staff writer
It took Larry Hood eight laps to edge past leader Lee Jensen in a dramatic side-by-side duel Saturday night at Bakersfield Speedway, but once he did there was no catching him.
After putting his bumper ahead of Jensen to start the 16th lap, Hood sailed clear on the following lap and pulled away for his third IMCA feature of the year.

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Darrell Hood, Sports Mod driver at Bakersfield Speedway.
"First of all, Terry Henry -- what an awesome race car he put under me tonight," Hood said of the man who prepares his car. "I think me and Lee Jenson put on a heck of a race."
That they did in the 25-lap event.
Jensen, making his third start, took the lead on the third lap and had the car glued to the bottom of the track. Hood quickly moved into second, but did so using the high groove.
It took Hood a few laps to catch Jensen then the eight laps to get past him.
"I think the car is a little faster than I am at this point," said Jensen who finished second. "But we had a heck of a race with Larry."
Points leader Brad Pounds finished third, followed by Robby Sawyer and Kyle Heckman.
Right after the Modified feature, Lee Jensen jumped into a Hobby Stock, led most of the way, then had to settle for another runner-up finish.
Defending track champion Steven Johnson caught Jensen, who had led from the outset, with five laps to, tired then high side, then moved in right behind Jensen.
Johnson then gave Jensen a couple of bumps, which moved Jenson off the bottom groove and opened the door for Johnson to take the lead with three laps left in the 25-lap race.
Jensen battled back on the next lap, briefly moved inside Johnson, but slipped back and had to settle for second.
"He was fast," Johnson said of Jensen. "I tried the high side, it didn't work, so I moved down behind him. I tried to race him as clean as I could."
Chad Johnson finished third, Eric Cimental was fourth and Dylan Hagar fifth.
Darrel Hood had the IMCA Sports Mod championship locked up when the 25-lap feature started.
But he wanted to go out with a win.
He did just that, going past a spinning Joe Baker in turn three on the final lap for his fourth win. Baker led more than 24 ½ laps.
"It's time to celebrate," said Hood, father of Larry. "This is a great class."
Eric Brust was second and Nick Spainhoward fourth.
Dylan Baker led all 20 laps en route to his first Mini Stock feature win. Baker led by more than a full straight at one point and was never challenged.
Kyle Hood finished second, just holding off four-time winner Doug Shepherd, who moved into the points lead, four points ahead of Darren Sherman who placed sixth.
One race remains to decide the championship.
Andrew Orlando extended his points lead by driving to his second victory in the Junior Mini Dwarf feature. Orlando holds a commanding 16-point lead (eight positions on the track) with one race remaining. In Senior Mini Dwarf action, Anthony Balcazar raced to his series-leading sixth victory


  1. Sorry to hear you have been so sick. I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Thank you Pam :=) I'm headed in the right direction....I just need to take it easy for a couple of weeks and not over do it. I'm a pretty tough old bird LOL! Hope you are feeling better as well!

  3. I feel better then I feel like crap again but at least better seems to be winning for now. I hope whatever is wrong isn't serious.


  4. I am glad that better seems to be winning.....I hope it isn't serious Pam !...I wish you many many more good days than the bad ones :=)