Sunday, September 16, 2012

Experience....can we count on it.....mehbeeee NoT LOL! in my previous post I alluded to an incident I recently had at my last trip to the hospital.
And this really made me re-think my way of thinking that "Experience" is paramount in all of life's situations.
So my little story is about my "nurse"....her name starts with a "G" I'm just gonna refer to her from here on out as Gee------------
I meet Gee after being in the cubicle for over 2 hours-------
Gee pulls back the curtain and introduces herself as my "personal care nurse".....she comes in with a nice little smile.....and I tell myself I like her....I mean it was instant.   And I later had to tell myself that even though I am super big on first this case......I FAILED BIG TIME LOL! I ask her "How long have you been working here?"  And she says "I have been here almost 10 years but I have been a nurse for almost 40 years".   And I say "Fantastic!   Not only can I understand you when you speak...but have a ton of experience.....gosh Gee..this is my lucky day Whoo Hooo thank you Jesus!" (Hexed mahhhselfff...yes-ir-eeee on that one)
So as we are getting into the questions......(because of the fact that I am still having a menstrual cycle although somewhat sporadic and with a mind of it's own these days heh-heh)......they still have to perform a blood test and draw blood with the IV---- to make sure that I am not preggers............
So Gee starts with the needle......she pokes it into my left hand.......
now...I am a pretty strong person......I am not a baby.......I can handle a little pain every now and then..
okay....but this "Poke" immediately makes me cringe.......Gee starts twisting the needle and turning it and gyrating it around and freaking toes are curling up to the ceiling....I grab my hair...and finally say...."Did you miss a vein or something??????"........ I mean I have never had a problem before with anyone drawing blood or IV's for that matter
So then Gee says  "Oh I am so sorry......this should never ever hurt like this"....and I tell her "No worries.....maybe it is just because I am dehydrated since I haven't had anything to drink since 12 A.m."   I mean...this is just me....but when I am in a situation where you are depending on someone else to take care of you and you have absolutely no control over the can't be can't be an simply have to buck up and keep it NICE.....
So she yanks it out of my left hand and pokes into my right hand.....and "Hello Houston.....we have found an actual vein where blood will indeed come out P.T.L!!!!!" 
My freaking left hand at this point was toes were still curled.....but the tears in my eyes were almost dry....and at the base of where my hand meets my wrist....there was this HUGE bump that had cropped up.....I could only assume this was from Gee twisting and turning that needle.....but hey....the IV in my right hand was on point.  Whoo Hooo!
So she tells me..."Don't worry about all of the bubbles in the line....this is typical when the flow is high....I guess I could turn it down to stop that".   Uhmmm......okay......I wasn't worried until you brought that up Gee.....LOL!
So next she was having a lot of problems with the computer and entering the information.  And I told her that I was just there 3 weeks ago when the hospital had just switched over to a new system and the nurses were frantic and I was actually left in a room for 3 extra hours because I was not showing up on the proper screen.........and she affirmed what a night mare it had been.....and I tell her that I am old school and finally finally getting around to this "tech age" instead of logging everything on I know how she feels......
Then what happens?   My surgeon comes and he is ready for me but damn.....Gee has sent my blood test to the lab in the wrong page or section or whatever it was.....and now my surgery is delayed until someone can come and help Gee straighten this out.
Finally a young nurse comes in and shows her how to delete the wrong entry and to send it to the right place and I am kind of joking about "Do I have a bun in MY oven dilemma"......the young nurse asks Gee....."Did you place her compression socks?"  Or something like that.....and Gee says "Yes"..and I say....."Do you mean these blue socks with the grips on the feet?".....The young nurse pulls back the sheets and Gee then says " I could have sworn I put those on her".
She scrambles out of the curtain to go get those compression socks...and I see that when she brings them back...she walks by my "cubicle" #5....and I hear her walk into "cubicle" # 4 and she says....."Excuse me I'm sorry".......then she comes into me @ #5 and puts the gosh durn things on me.....
young nurse leaves...I tell her "Thank you from the bottom of my heart LOl!".....Gee then finishes up the "questions"  and gets to the question of "Do you have any wounds or open sores on your body?"   I say "Not that I am aware of".....When she leaves the cubicle I tell my hubby........"Damn....I started to tell her 'Other than the wound you created on my left hand...nope none'....."
and hubby says....."I was thinking the same thing" LOL!
So I am left with this......after this situation.....
I guess that sometimes experience and time spent at a job doesn't mean poo diddly caaaarp.   Maybe Gee who is ten years older than me was simply having a bad day......and then again...maybe Gee has been a crappy nurse every day of her career.   So much for experience.......
but hey! I survived LOL.....I rolled on out of there....and in the end...that is really all that matters :=)


  1. LOL. I told a doctor I would slap the fuck out of him if he kept talking to me in his little condescending, placating voice.


  2. Hah Hah I bet you would have clocked the doc LOL! :=)