Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Great Kern County Fair 2012

So we have our booth at the Fair again this year and it is always really just a great time.   Seeing old friends....meeting new people...selling a bit of furniture :) and handing out those coupons that are good in the store until the next Fair date rolls around.   I admittedly tend to shop a bit too much in all of the booths and buildings..but what the heck... it only happens once a year right :)
Here's a couple of pics from last night....my Nephew Larry...hubby Mike and I did the night shift.   We are of course a small family business and we have to get some what of a schedule figured out in advance because we still have to have the stores open during many of the same hours as well.   A bit tiring at times...but definitely worth it.  If you're from Bako and reading this....be sure to stop by and say hi...we are in building # 2 :=)


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