Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cheers to a Marvelous March

It's been warming up here in Bako and that means I tend to spend a bit more time out in the yard these days :).  This Winter is the 1st Winter in a long time that so many things out in my little garden have died out...especially on the one side where I started calling it the "Survival of the fittest" section.  This is where most of my hollyhocks bloom year after year and a few big bushes kind of swallowed up everything else I had planted.....in other words.....unless you were pretty tall.....it was more than likely you wouldn't be seen over there in that part of the yard :)
Here's a pic I took one October when even then...stuff was growing all over the place.
 Winter did it's toll this year and it is quite bare in that little part of my world.  But after seeing the huge snow storm hitting the Chicago area this morning....I realize even more how happy I am to be experiencing such beautiful days here in Bako :)
Here's a few pics of the revamping I have been doing on that side of my poor little "naked" garden......(at least it looks naked to me...but hubby tries to convince me that it always gets this brown) ☼ Have you seen those stacked pot stands on the net ?...... Here is one we made in less than 30 minutes with 99 cent store clay pots....so the whole thing cost less than $20.  (When I have time I'm gonna make another one and paint it all up with a mix of pots...and if I have room I'm thinking of making one from galvanized tins as well......
 Here are some more views of different parts in my "currently known as brown town".........

Here's "Brownie"...the little buggar tries to dig up the flower seeds almost as quickly as I can get them planted....I always compliment him on what a good little digger he is though....he gets so busy and so serious and oblivious to everything else around him and he just cracks me up when he really gets to digging.....it's only dirt and something will grow back eventually right?  I guess it won't be so funny if I trip in one of his holes before I or my hubby covers it back up :)
And here's the old bench I painted years ago.....gosh ...my son was still in high school.....I'm still thinking that the legs are going to fall off any day but what the heck?  I keep on stacking more and more pots.  hee-hee
Hope ya'll are staying nice and warm wherever you are...(and I say warm simply because I always feel better when I am warm.)  Let's have a marvelous March peeps shall we? :)


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