Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The clean scene

she stood in the shower for more than an hour
but the water would not wash away
that dirty thing which
was still there
to stay
that thing
that thing
the dirt and the hurt
left over from that one day
after all these years it still
smelled even worse than old dirt
and nothing would wash it away.
the festering and mustering
after 20 years
all the rubbing
and scrubbing
and soap.....
she knew at the end
it would be there
and all of the water
in the whole world
(or even if they found some
more water on Mars)
NOTHING would ever
erase all those scars.
but the smell of the
dirt and just feeling
someday someday
would just go away.
could she wash out her
brain or her nose
because she never smells
that smell on her clothes???
only time knows
I suppose.
As she stood in the
(cold now..........)
she knew-------it was still there
but then again
so was she
and she could let it be
the way it still is
for now.
 Spanky Luvs Had a Dream 2013

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