Monday, March 18, 2013

Puddin' On The Porch

Sometimes I feel like I don't get enough done on my days off..if I concentrate on one thing then I neglect other things yada yada... but all in all it was a great weekend and today I had a nice Monday enjoying all of this lovely weather.
Saturday after work Kev and Sarah dropped off Chloe (Lexie was spending the weekend with her dad)...and they were headed off to the races....  we got home and I was out in the yard as we still had some light.... 
 here is Chloe with her watering can helping us out....
I adore the pics of the kids when I somehow capture a moment and have to think "What were they thinking right then?"
 This one cracks me can see Brownie in the background in between his digging and exploring he is busy rubbing his body on something in the yard that he obviously wants to smell like :)

 So Sunday Chloe let us know at 7:20 that it was light and time to get up.....after breakfast we went outside and Papa spread an old flannel sheet on the grass and I got out an old plastic vintage hat box that has some of my long plastic vintage bead necklaces that I don't wear all that often...... Chloe loves digging in my jewelry......feet..hands you name it...LOL!

Here she is busy as a little bee hanging some necklaces on the lattice........
 So after that we took a little break and sat on the front porch.....I had made her a little treat of chocolate pudding and added some rainbow sprinkles on top.... I kept putting a paper towel "bib" on her so she wouldn't ruin her little zebra top so soon.. :)it was really bright out so I told her to snuggle up next to me and sit in "gamma's shade".. and she is always so polite for a 2 year old.....she said "Thank you Gamma".....she was thanking me just for the shade that my big ole grown-up body was giving her so that she could see those sprinkles better :)

 So later that eve hubby and I worked on the yard again...bless his heart..he jumps in and helps me and always tells me he doesn't want me lifting too much or doing too much...
we assembled another topsy turvy plant tower...and this one was made from big pots that I scored at Winco for only $6.48 each for the large ones......
yah I saw that sign and dove into those with a pair of my most serious "Black Friday" big dog pants on.....hee-hee..
some gal tried to horn in on me and by golly I held my spot until my cart was so full that I knew I would have to do some creative grocery placement if I was gonna make it through the checkout that day :)
 and yep you can bet I was patting myself on the back when we were at Home Depot Sunday  afternoon and these same size pots were "On SALE" for $19.99 each...
so today (Monday) my day off I managed to get a bit done in the house but also was still planting here and there out in the yard and also made this bench. I had a couple of very old messed up chairs on my back patio and simply added a piece of plywood and then painted it up a bit. It didn't turn out so bad considering the chairs were junk right?  I actually told hubby when he got home from work...."Hey thanks for not taking those chairs to the dump when I asked you to :=) " 
All in all what a nice weekend and day off all rolled into one :=)
Hope ya'll have a fabulous week!

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