Saturday, August 16, 2014

When jono laughs the whole world laughs NOT #Zibbet

Jonathan Peacock (Zibbet's CEO)replied to Jonathan Peacock (Zibbet's CEO)'s discussion Progress Update (Plus, some short downtime later today)
"LOL. "

Okay.....not quite sure why any of this at this point is funny ....your paying sellers don't find your wonky rebuild one bit funny...and you went in and suggested that they "work on something else"???
OMG.....(and yes I'm admittedly not c-3 OMG)
But why can't you Zibbet CEO's do more work on fixing what you broke when you told everyone things were going to be so much better?
At this point some have been thinking that the broke things should have been fixed by now but perhaps these self proclaimed "professional" hackers and hustlers are breaking more things as they are seemingly putting in very little effort into trying to fix them.
Come on...
if your team is not capable of fixing this thing...
you have made plenty of money from the paying Zibbet sellers that you at least owe them the courtesy of paying someone who knows what they are doing to try and fix what ya'll broke. owe the people still there believing in you at least that..
and to the ones who are still claiming FRAUD....for the services you previously promised and did not provide?

here's only one Scam watch link in Aussie although there are many of them out there LOL

don't be afraid to speak up 

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