Friday, August 15, 2014

#Zibbet why not try some truth? It actually works in the long run

Wow...I talked in the post below about why it kind of makes sense why some at Zibbet would make statements that make no factual sense at all. Enough said about that one.
But statements from one of the CEO's like this
"As I mentioned in another thread where you asked the question, this is the number of open shops on Zibbet. Not all of these shops have active items available for sale for various reasons. " problem with the CEO saying that....the problem however is that there is no way to fact check what he has stated above.
There are a bunch of funny numbers and convoluted facts that this Zibbet team keeps talking about and yet....where can you fact check anything they have said for years?
The answer is basically "NOWHERE"
The answer is that if you happen to question any of their so called "FACTS" that you will get lied about and labeled a bad person etc. etc.----
but we know that already.
And why do things keep getting more hidden?
Well one might think that is only because the truth has been put on the back burner.
Hello? New Zibbet that everyone was guaranteed from the CEO and his new staff of hackers and hustlers....THEY guaranteed that everyone was gonna LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why not just be honest.....
show how many real sellers with items for sell are there
show the sales that are being made there
(something that Zibbet has never felt comfortable with doing...)
instead they continue to try and wave another diversion every time some of the hard questions keep popping up.
Zibbet's recent newsletter...
(overly personal and DoWn underly businesslike) the guess the letter game...We are sooooooo excited about something we are going to announce.....
well here's a reality check there Zibbet CEO's...
with the exception of a very few of your remaining handmaidens there in the forums who are playing the Zibbet games and still posting many of those "faith" not "fact" statements......
the reality is that whatever mysterious amount of sellers you still have left on what has so far been an absolute fail of a rebuild....
they are still waiting for simple things like a site that will not time out while they are trying to list or fix things that are no longer working in the "new not improved as of yet Zibbet"
they are waiting for you to fix the dadgum BROKEN search there.....
there are a lot of things they are waiting for and a silly guessing game of what they are now supposed to be quote "SO EXCITED" about?
not this time.
they aren't excited.
They were excited for more than 4 years over a flippin rebuild that has so far failed to produce Few FACTUAL  farting rainbows of excitement.
let's see some real seller numbers
and some real sales documentation.
The truth will set you free.
No need for diversion.
Many of the few non-handmaidens that you have left are growing weary of these played out games.
It's pretty simple
GET REAL Zibbet....
try that and see how that works
because obviously to so many out here looking
whatever you are doing now is basically BROKE beyond repair no matter how many "faith" confessions ya'll may be getting in that ghost town of a Hub these days.
wink wink

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