Sunday, August 10, 2014

Today's Doins...something in red she said.

Another hella hot day in Bako but we managed to get a few projects finished up. I think the color for today was RED :=)
Here's an old stand hubby found at a yard sale last week that looked to me like it wanted to be red in it's new life.

I bought this old end table not long ago and the top was pretty banged up so red table it became.....

This old black chair came with scratches and all...I sanded it a bit more and then stenciled the seat
When I saw this old beat up floor lamp at a thrift store I had something kind of funky in mind.
I decoupaged the label on an old Dean Martin record...found a lamp shade in my stash and green paint to match one of the colors on the record label.....

We sold the mid century coffee table that I posted in the last "today's doins" so there was space at the Mall for another table. I used white chalk paint with a bit of beige added and then waxed the finish
Here's an old RC Cola tray that was pretty thrashed on the inside. I painted it with red chalk paint and then put it on top of an old bar stool that also got some red chalk paint then a wash of black stain and a bit of the white paint that was left over from the coffee table. Hubby got some flat washers that were wider than the slats in the tray and easily attached it to the top of the bar stool.

So that's pretty much what went on with my "Out with the old in with the Old" Sunday.
Hope ya'll have a great week up ahead!


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    1. Thank you Miss Mary! Quite a compliment from a truly amazing person like you! <3