Thursday, August 21, 2014

#Zibbet and the Limited lifetime 999 offer

The question some are wondering is just how many of these limited lifetime kind of offers does Jono have up his sleeve? Well the answer is obviously "That's for him to know and you to find out." dear faithful Zibbeters who still believe the site has a chance.
Most would think that him throwing this on the Community in the middle of a complete fiasco of a rebuild roll-out that has FAILED at this point.....after promising for years....that things were going to be fixed in the rebuild and yet..things are utterly broken in this rebuild and now it looks like they weren't really doing much work at all on the rebuild....they have moved on to other things that Jono is so excited about and he wants you to get on that "Oh so excited bandwagon" and ride along with him and the "Team".
My opinion is that handing over $999 or $499 or even $299 is worse than throwing good money after bad....

throw good money after bad
to spend more and more money on something that will never be successful

To give these guys any more money before they fix what they have broken is just plain stupid on all counts. There is no good sane reason why anyone would rush to give them any more $. I repeat "No Good Reason". If you have that kind of money to simply throw away or give away....why not approach the next homeless person you see and give it to them? Or donate it to your favorite Charity? Stop being scammed! Demand that they fix what they broke and demand that they deliver on the promises they made when they took your other money already! 
Wake up Sheeples!
And if you are in so deep that you can't at this point open your eyes and see what is really going on then sadly....
I would have to say that you deserve to keep getting scammed by these shysters. JMO.


  1. Fiasco. You managed in one word to describe Zibbet perfectly.